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I can see your point, of course!

But let me tell you a small story from 2015 - long before the Mastodon hype:

For quite a few years I ran, a GNU Social host with a handful of active users and around 1.000 registered accounts. Some of those accounts were automatically mirroring Tweets, mostly from newspaper's Twitter accounts. One of those tweets (the original one) linked to an article that was ordered by court to be taken offline. So the tweet as well had to be deleted. Following that I recieved a letter by some lawyer representing that person (the one suing the newspaper) mentioned in the article. The lawyer told me that I had to delete the copy of this tweet on my small unimportant federated network node. Otherwise I'd be taken to court being liable for the content on my node.

So, nobody knows what will happen with article 13 or not. I'm not saying that these things mentioned earlier will happen, I'm just pointing out possibilities. And I for sure don't intend to spill FUD but running around with the claim "we're to small" is dangerously naive.

The original post dissapeared but the rest of the thread is still available on's account.

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