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I've built this website as an experiment, to gather my social activity on the internet. I believe that the internet should be inhabited by many small independent websites which communicate among themselves, as opposed to one or two omnipresent platforms like Facebook or Twitter that manage all our activity for us but also take away our freedoms. Chris Aldrich wrote a nice article about it here.

How does this website work? Typically I write new posts, like or bookmark in either Indigenous, Quill or Micropublish. Once I save, the content is sent to my Github repository via (an old version of) Indiekit. Afterwords, Netlify is notified, which then builds and serves the website. Works like charm ;-)

I don't want to write a tutorial on how to do it, there is a plenty of good resources out there. If you also want to try it out, the good place to start is indiewebify. One tip: start slowly, only build the basic functionality first, see how you like it and only after some time add some more.

This website is intentionally lightweight (in fact, it's less than 512 kB and also less than 250 kB).

Useful references

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JavaScript needs to be enabled to show responses. (Although, it is not necessary for posting them.)

Indieweb interactions: Like/Reshare/Reply/Bookmark with Quill or Like/Reshare/Reply/Bookmark with Micropublish.