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My Deezer 2022 statistics surprised me. I listened to 7987 different tracks, out of which 5289 I discovered this year! I listened to 58286 minutes of music (i.e. 971 hours), which makes me a top 3% streamer. I also listened to 2675 different artists, with the most popular five:

  1. Joseph Trapanese
  2. The HU
  3. Samarabalouf
  4. Kalandra
  5. Bear Mc Creary

Joseph Trapanese and Bear Mc Creary are there probably for their The Witcher and The Rings of Power soundtracks, respectively. And Deezer says that I'm a "superfan" of Samarabalouf.

Lastly, I've listened to 331 hours of music from the USA, which is a bit more than I expected. I wouldn't necessarily count in the serbian-style Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra :-)

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