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The shocking thing about getting a laptop in 2022 is that its suspend works worse than what I was used to, in a laptop from 2015! Current laptops often go to sleep but then overheat and completely drain battery. It took me a while until I understood that in the latest Windows laptops the firmware does not support S3 sleep anymore and instead only implements S0 sleep. The point is that then the default sleep on Windows is the so called "Modern Standby" which is not really a sleep mode but instead makes use of a low-power mode of the CPU and allows Windows to update itself even when the laptop is "sleeping"... (LTT made a great video about it)

The worst part about all this is that because of Windows' poor implementation of updates which requires this hack, linux users have to suffer too as this is all done on the firmware level and can't be disabled. And it doesn't even matter much which brand of laptops you get. Basically all new laptops are affected by this.

It seems that I've managed to find a solution to this on Linux. Ubuntu 22.10 runs on a version of the Linux kernel that somehow magically prevents the overheating and battery draining during "sleep" in S0. However, I'm running on Ubuntu 22.04, which is a version with long term support, and I do not want to upgrade from 22.04 to the "unstable" 22.10 release. From what I've heard the new kernel is going to land in 22.04 only a few months before the next release. Since I don't want to wait that long, I've decided to to upgrade the kernel myself. This used to be quite complicated in the past but I found that there is an excelent tool called Mainline (Gtk) which allows you to do just that with a few clicks of mouse!

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