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I just found out about a new Haskell extension called DerivingVia. It looks incredibly powerful, especially when paired with DerivingStrategies and GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving. It would save me from writing a lot of boilerplate in the past! For details see this great YouTube video by Tweag.

Edit (on 29 July): Matt Parsons has written a blog post on how this might become a bit overwhelming in more complicated examples and how he proposes to fix that (also related proposal). An interesting read.

Edit (on 13 Feb 2021): Just found this blog post by Hans Hoeglund which beautifuly utilises DerivingVia in his iso-deriving package.

Edit (on 4 April 2023): Gabriella Gonzalez wrote a nice blog post explaining how DerivingStrategies and GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving can be used to tame deriving.

Edit (on 02 Sep 2023): There's another nice example of the usage of this on Sam Tay's blog.

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